You’ve made it through my personal crash course to constructing a work of eLiterature. Congratulations! If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve learned the following things:

  1. Creativity starts the follow of your construction. It is a necessary element to designing any sort of work, and the internet is certainly no exception to the imagination’s possibilities.
  2. Simplicity can make or break your work. The target audience is the single most important deciding factor when writing eLiterature. If you are writing for yourself, please yourself to your own desired simplicity; if you are writing for the visually impaired, absolutely do not use obnoxious images, colors, etc.
  3. Interaction adds “character” to eLiterature. Readers and authors can collaborate with each other more readily than in the world of conventional literature.
I hope you have enjoyed your lessons, and I wish you luck on future eLiterary endeavors!