Let‘s take a closer look at the images displayed at the bottom right of the layout. We find links in the form of images, or buttons if you will, that also have text embedded in the image explaining what information the link will give the reader. The qualities of creativity and interaction manifest themselves through these links; BoH has chosen to scan, crop, and edit images rather than use plain text links, and the reader must interact with the eLiterature in order to proceed with the work. However, the quality of simplicity also is present because each link actually states the information found by clicking it.
Moving back to the textbox on the bottom left of the layout, we find that the information behind each link is displayed in the textbox. In the picture to your left, the information displayed is still the news and updates information. If the reader would like to return to this information, s/he simply clicks the link-button labeled “updates.” If the reader wants to view the projects by BoH, s/he would click the link-button labeled “projects,” and so on. For example purposes, suppose you clicked the link-button labeled “links;” you would be presented with links leading to eLiterature outside of the website. This quality of simplicity facilitates the reader’s experience of both the exhibited eLiterature, as well as eLiterature enjoyed by the collaborative group BoH.
If we choose to follow the link-button labeled “forums,” however, we will be taken to an interactive message board for the collaborative authors, fans of BoH, fans of “Hellsing,” and all others not falling into the aforementioned categories. This message board opens into a new window so as not to take the readers entirely away from the actual eLiterature. This gives the eLiterature a higher level of materiality because we find it both the actual work as well as the interactive message board accessible. The reader is next presented with the options of logging into the message board, registering for the message board, and/or viewing writings categorized into several headings and subheadings. Everything is listed in plain text and plain text links, giving an air of simplicity for the reader who is about to enter into an interactive environment.

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