Today the reader decides to search for a new fan fiction story to gobble up as quickly as the reader possibly can. Selecting "fan fiction" in the sub-category menu, the reader clicks the "apply browsing settings" button and awaits the resulting eLiterature to appear on the screen. What could be more simple than selecting a couple of categories and then having your all-you-can-eat buffet served in mere seconds? Of course, now comes the relatively more complex task of finding the story (or stories) to read. DeviantART provides the title, the author's name, and a brief clip of the story. The reader can quickly visualize what the story is about, getting a quick and simple idea of whether or not the story keeps with his or her tastes.
It could take a few seconds to locate a desirable story, or possibly several hours for the finicky eReader. The reader could select a story from each page of results if desired, or read every story returned in the search. The only constraints are time, hunger, natural functions, and other responsibilities. The reader could tailor the search further to facilitate faster access to the plethora of eLiterature found on DeviantART, or take his or her time to savor the hunt. Calvino's quality of multiplicity manifests itself in this internet card catalog.
Finally the reader selects a story to read; an anime fan fiction based on the popular anime series "Inuyasha." This particular work of eLiterature is a single installment of this fan fiction. The length of a story can vary depending on the author's level of consummation with the work. Some eAuthors feel more comfortable writing short stories, whereas others become at home with writing several chapters. Of course, the choice of what to write is as multipliable as choosing what to read. The deciding factor remains tastes and preferences. Moving back to the story, each individual story presents its own qualities ala Calvino, Hayles, or yourself.

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