As an introduction to eLiterature by my standards, I have thoroughly enjoyed the fine art of Japanese animation and comic books (from here on out known as "anime" and "manga" respectively) for nearly eight years. This interest carried over into Internet websearchs, resulting in my becoming extremely infatuated with both these genres, as well as the genre of fan fiction. Fan fiction has been described by many as an art form that would, more or less, not exist without the World Wide Web to publish and distribute its works. I will also admit, shamelessly, that I am an author of my own fanfiction based on the anime series "Sailor Moon" by Takeuchi Naoko. This popular and beloved series was the first of many to capture my heart, therefore beckoning me into the world of anime fanfiction. Although there are some who would label these eLiterary pieces as trivial, mundane, and immature, one must view my exhibits with both an open-mind and a realization that fan fictions are written by people of all ages. One will experience poorly written work, but one will also find works that show great dedication and detail. With those thoughts, I share with you three eLiterary pieces of my personal preference.

Sailor Moon Millenia

The Hellsing Project
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Deviant Art

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